El Clon


El Clon or O Clone is the Portuguese soap opera (novela) written by Gloria Perez. Its scenes are shot in scenic landscapes in Brazil and Morocco.
The soap is based on the love that two individuals of different religions have for each other. They meet by matter of destiny to fall deeply in love with each other, both being single at the time. Jade becomes crazy for him and so does Lucas for her. Their love had to remain a secret as in Muslim countries a woman could not come in contact with another man outside her home as she would be whipped in public resulting sometimes in death.  Jade confides in Zoraide and tells her all about it. However one day, Jade's uncle, Siri Ali decides that Jade should get married- not with the love of her life but with someone he chose, SAID. Jade feeling confused accepts the marriage even though she didn't know nor loved Said. Her heart belongs to Lucas and Lucas only.
Time passes and the two try hard to meet with each other. They eventually succeed and their love grows stronger and stronger. One day they decide to flee to get married in Brazil. However as luck would have it, Said sends his men in search of Jade and finds her. Luckily she was alone. Their plan collapsed and everything changes. Jade fearing for the life of her love Lucas, makes a promise to Allah  to protect Lucas from her crazy psychopathic husband Said who goes in search of Lucas to kill him. Lucas then tries to talk to Jade but because of the promise, Jade rejects him. She feels really bad doing this but feels that she will keep the promise to protect Lucas.
Said having a chain of hotels decides to expand his chain of hotel to Brazil. He makes contacts in Brazil and the one firm that replies is no other than Lucas' dad's company. Everything changes once more and the love between Lucas and Jade is reignited like a wild fire. Said forces Jade to come with him to Brazil and Jade meets Lucas. But Lucas tries and succeeds in winning back the heart of Jade that he thought he had lost. Lucas tells Jade to meet him one day and nothing happens. But on Xmas day, they both wonder and meet face to face at the beach where well the two reconcile and kiss. They go to Lucas apartment and spend some quality lovely romancing time together. After this they decide that they will break their marriage and live together as two individuals who love each other without hiding it.

The finale. So El clon has finished and what a nice end it was. Said divorces Jade and she marries Zein, an Egyptian business man who falls deeply in love with her. Jade however likes Zein but doesn't love him. She pleas to him to free her so she can be a single free woman and  she can do as she pleases. Zein gives her the divorce and Jade is free. She stays in Morocco. Said marries an arab woman called Ranya, and gives Said his so desired male child. Khadija, Jade's daugher, suffers bcuz she can't see her OMI (MOM) and tries hard to reconcile her mom and dad. Jade and Lucas finally get married and live happy.

                               Jade Rasheed - the protagonist of the novela.
                             The love of Lucas. She is really sweet and smart
                                     Lucas Ferraz (who also plays Diogo and Leo)
                    He is romantic, smart loving, caring and has eyes only for Jade.
Diogo Ferraz is Lucas' twin brother.
He dies in a tragic plane crash. After this, Lucas is seen by his father as the one who will replace Diogo and shall do everything that Diogo was destined to do.

                                           Jade and her daughter, Khadija.
                                   Khadija likes to dance and is really sweet.
                           She has a thing for GOLD. She likes GOLD.
                                           Everything for her is GOLD.

            Said Rasheed, Jade's husband pictured here with Sumaya and his niece, Samira
                                 Latiffa and her children. Amin is sitting down.
                     Samira is giving her back and Ahmed is Siri Ali's worker.

                      Miro is Xande's friend. He becomes one of Nazira's crush.

                      Yvette is Leonidas Ferraz all time girlfriend. Pretty isn't she.?

                  Lucas Ferraz                                                 Jade Rasheed
Jade and Lucas.                                      In real life, Jade and Lucas are now dating.
Together at last. 18 yrs. later
Nazira is Said's sister. A torment for       Latiffa. Jade's cousin, married to Jade's ex, Said's                       
both Latiffa and Jade at times but           brother, Mohammed. A couple to admire.
she was a character never to forget.
She was funny and hmmm i miss her

Karla. She was Xande's ex.                                                             Xande.
Due to her mother's ambition, Karla artificially
inseminates herself with the sperm of a rich man.
It's a complicated story, but it's funny at the end.

Ceceu.  Becomes Karla's child step brother.          Zein. an Egyptian guy that falls deeply
It's Ceceu's father's sperm Karla used to make        in love with Jade, but she rejects him.
her baby.                                                                        He however saves Jade and frees her

Samira. A sweet girl who rebels and turns out                   Nazira and Jade.
to be like Jade. She falls in love with a Brazilian
who is not muslim and is totally unacceptable for
a Muslim to fall in love with someone who's not
from their religion.

                                                             From top right:
Jade, Leo (Lucas' clone), Lucas, Albieri, Leonidas, Deusa and Dalva (at the top crying)